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The following information pertaining to debit cards is added to the Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure that was previously provided to you:
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Due to new Federal Regulations:

Starting September, 15, 2017… Same Day ACH Processing is here 

This change is being made nationwide and affects all consumers, financial institutions, and businesses.

Please be watchful that the funds to cover your transactions are in your account prior to authorizing debits.

Do you know what an ACH transaction is?

  • Most member accounts have ACH transaction activity. ACH transactions are typically originated by electronic authorization, and can also be a paper check converted by the merchant to an electronic approval are posted to your account automatically (excludes debit card transactions).
  • Common ACH transactions include direct deposits and payments made to mortgage, utility, insurance and loan companies, etc.
  • Historically ACH transactions have typically posted to member accounts on the business day following the authorization (e.g. a member authorizes the electric company to withdraw $60.00 for the monthly bill on a Tuesday morning and the withdrawal posts to the member’s account early on Wednesday morning).

What does this change mean to you, our member?

  • Once authorized, a transaction can post immediately.
  • You can now authorize an ACH debit in the morning and it could clear your account the same day causing you to be overdrawn. (For example; you can authorize a credit card or a cell phone payment at 9:00 am and it may post to your account at 11:45 am same day.)
  • You can write a check and if the merchant converts it to an ACH, it may clear the same day.
  • *** Payment authorizations should not be made until the funds are in the account, rather than counting on a direct deposit or night drop deposit or check hold release posting the following day, etc. Transactions authorized prior to an anticipated deposit will result in insufficient funds (NSF) fees and returned items to the merchants.
  • You will be charged NSF fees if the funds are not in your account prior to the debit clearing your account. Please do not call us to refund these fees as the regulators see this as favoritism to you and we in turn get hit with a violation.
  • Transaction may be returned to the merchant as NSF causing extra charges.
  • The credit union has NO control over when these transactions will post, that is controlled by the merchant, nor can we see them prior.

NOTE: It is the members’ responsibility to make sure the appropriate funds are in the account to cover any and all transactions before they clear your account.  An account register is the best way to keep an up-to-date balance for your account.  We have extras, ask for one the next time you are in.

ACH/ATM/Drafts and NSF Fees

It is the member’s responsibility to make sure the appropriate funds are in the account to cover any, and all, transactions before they clear the account.

A normal non-sufficient funds/overdrafts (NSF/OD) fee will be charged whether we approve an overdraft item for the payment or return it unpaid. Whether your overdrafts will be paid or not is at our sole discretion and; we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or you have too many overdrafts.

Due to regulatory compliance, our auditor has mandated that if funds are not available to cover ANY drafts or ACH items then an NSF fee must be charged. Please do not call us to refund these fees as the regulators see this as favoritism to you and we in turn get hit with a violation.

Also, please do not call us and ask us to HOLD items that may be clearing your account today because your deposit will be coming in later as we cannot hold them. All items must be processed immediately upon presentment.

ATM/Debit Cards

Please remember that we are NOT live when it comes to our ATM/DEBIT cards. If you make a deposit and/or transfer the funds will not reflect on your account immediately. We do send a positive balance file out a few times a day to reflect changes made to accounts.

If you’re needing to make an immediate purchase after deposit/transfer has been made please take cash out or ask when a new balance file will be sent out so you can make your purchase at that time. We CANNOT send out a balance file when requested. It is set up on a schedule.

The balance shown on your account does not reflect outstanding checks, ACH or ATM/DEBIT card usage. We can no longer see pending transactions on your card.

It is the members responsibility to utilize their check register to keep an accurate balance and reconcile their account when they receive their statement.

Debit Card – Fraud Watch Plus

Your MasterCard is monitored by “Fraud Watch Plus”.

If they believe that a transaction may be fraudulent, they can temporarily restrict your debit card.  If this happens they may contact you directly at the numbers they have listed to confirm the charge right away.  A voicemail will be left with their toll free number.

If contacted, you may also call 866-842-5208.  They will confirm your identity during this call using information we have on file.

For this reason, please make sure that we have your most current phone numbers, preferably a cell phone number, at all times.

Registration For Your MasterCard Debit Card

This link opens the MCSC registration page for  Soo Select Credit Union members.
Use it to register your debit cards in MasterCard SecureCode.
Taking advantage of this service makes shopping online more secure for you, by going one step further in confirming your identity at the time of purchase.

Click here to register your debit cards

NOTE: This link will take you to MasterCard Secure Codes site. 


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